Join LiRMA!

Everyone that wants to try riichi mahjong are welcome to LiRMA’s mahjong-sessions at Linköping University. For those that never have played any kind of mahjong, it can be quite confusing as there is a lot of new information that has to be processed before you can play fluently, but we will help you on your way by showing examples and explaining the rules until you feel good enough to play without help. And for those that have played other types of mahjong, it might be confusing with Riichi-rules, but don’t worry – you too will get the help you need!

The first three sessions are free to try and play, so that you can get o “feel” of the game and association before you decides to become a member of LiRMA.
The membership fee is 50 SEK/academic year, and covers fika at the sessions and equipment that the association provide.
If you are an exchange student, then you can pay 25 SEK/term instead.