Swedish Open Riichi Mahjong Championship 2015

Date: 28-29  March 2015
Place: Linköpings Universitet, C-huset, S41
New place: Linköping University, I-building, I205
Registration: Registration through Paypal, link at the bottom of the page.
Registration Fee: 100 SEK (You’re welcome to register until we no longer have any spots left)
Food package: 200 SEK (Deadline for food package is 13th March)
Saturday: lunch + dinner
Sunday: Light lunch
Rules: Riichi Competition Rules
Prizes: Top 3
Staying in Linköping:
Linköping City Hotel and Vandrarhem is located in the city centre.
Mjellerumsgården is a hostel located close to Campus Valla. Highest price (singel room)  for one night is 400SEK
Scandic Linköping west is located in Ryd, walking distance from the University
Travel within Linköping:
Line 4 Resecentrum -> FOI
Line 12 Resecentrum -> Mäster Mattias Väg
Both goes every 30 minute but take different ways through town.
Check on http://www.ostgotatrafiken.se/ which will fit you best.
27/3 Friday: Social-play
28/3 Saturday: Tournament + lunch + dinner
29/3 Sunday: Tournament + Prize Ceremony
You can find a more detailed schedule here .
Contact: If you have any questions feel free to email me at hasindynguyen@gmail.com

Registration/payment links: 

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Participtants: (20/24)

1. Mattias Mikkola (Sweden)
2. Mark Lemoine (Sweden)
3. Jasper Germeys (Sweden)
4. Kirill Osipov (Finland)
5. Matej Labas (Slovakia)
6. Felix Bergquist (Sweden)
7. Oliver Ekstrand (Sweden)
8. Karl-Edward Ekeblad (Sweden)
9. Jesper Nohr (Denmark)
10. Sheila Hansen (Denmark)
11. Maria Isabel Steenholm (Denmark)
12. Ondrej Bellay (Slovakia)
13. Frank Rostved (Denmark)
14. Tina Christensen (Denmark)
15. Sebastian Lavallée (Denmark)
16. Eigo Kawatani (Denmark)
17. Rolf Hedberg (Sweden)
18. Robin Ekman (Sweden)
19. Kim Iversen (Denmark)
20. Johan Eidenvall (Sweden)
Tablefillers (in case of last-minute drop-outs)
1. Karl Andersson
2. Sara Nilsson
3. Ha Sindy Nguyen

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