Mahjong at Midsummer 2018

Date: 18-20 (+21-23) June 2018
Place: Klockargården, Tällberg, Dalarna

Registration: Registration is done by mail. Information we want to know:
1. Who are you? Name, Nationality, EMA Id
2. Tournament, tour or both?
3. Single room, double room or your own accommodation?
4. Special diet?
5. Preference of hotel
Registration Fee: Prices are not set and might change, below is draft figures and should be seen as an upper cap
Single room during tournament: 795sek per day
Double room during tournament: 995sek per day
Riichi tournament: 1500sek
Single room during tour: TBD
Double room during tour: TBD
Midsummer tour: 3000sek
Deadline: 14 May
Special Diet? Send us an E-mail about it.

Accommodation: We will pre-book rooms at two different hotels. Klockargården where the tournament is and First Hotel. If you want us to fix a single or double room please inform us of your preferred hotel if you have one.
– Hotels are 5 minutes walk from each other
+ First Hotel has a spa
= No price difference


Sunday 17 June: 15:30 Shuttle Bus to Tällberg from Stockholm
Shuttle will also stop in Uppsala to pick up players from the MCR tournament
Monday to Wednesday: Riichi Tournament
Thursday to Saturday: Midsummer tour in Dalarna
Sunday 24 June: Shuttle Bus to Stockholm (and Uppsala)

Prices: Top 3 at the tournament