Mahjong at Midsummer 2018

Date: 18-20 (+21-23) June 2018
Place: Klockargården, Tällberg, Dalarna (+Rättvik, Dalarna)

Registration: Registration is done by mail. Information we want to know:
1. Who are you? Name, Nationality, EMA Id
2. Tournament, tour or both?
3. Single room, double room or your own accommodation?
4. Special diet?
5. Preference of hotel
Registration Fee: Prices are not set and might change, below is draft figures and should be seen as an upper cap
Single room during tournament: 795sek per day
Double room during tournament: 995sek per day
Riichi tournament: 1500sek
Single room during tour: N/A
Double room during tour: 1280sek per day
Midsummer tour: 3000sek
Deadline: 14 May
Special Diet? Send us an E-mail about it.

Accommodation: We will pre-book rooms at two different hotels. Klockargården where the tournament is and First Hotel. If you want us to fix a single or double room please inform us of your preferred hotel if you have one.
– Hotels are 5 minutes walk from each other
+ First Hotel has a spa
= No price difference

For the tour we will stay at Stiftsgården in Rättvik.


Sunday 17 June: 15:30 Shuttle Bus to Tällberg from Stockholm
Shuttle will also stop in Uppsala to pick up players from the MCR tournament
Monday to Wednesday: Riichi Tournament
Thursday to Saturday: Midsummer tour in Dalarna
Sunday 24 June: Shuttle Bus to Stockholm (and Uppsala)

Prices: Top 3 at the tournament

01. Timur Hahn (Germany, 05100153)
02. Axel Eschenburg (Germany, 05100090)
03. Dimphy van Grinsven (Netherlands, 08010168)
04. Anna Zubenko (Ukraine, 21000014)
05. Grant Mahoney (Canada, CA0001)
06. Petter Ranefall (Sweden, 09990044)
07. Annika Ridell (Sweden, 09990045)
08. Astrid Dubedout (France, 04280004)

Note: There will be an event of sorts and a tour even without EMA status (16 participants)